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Why am I writing? January 1, 2013

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As I woke up several mornings ago and looked out my window at the snow covered yard and trees, I felt an urgency to write. I frequently write in a journal but on this morning it had a different feel to it. God clearly spoke to me about sharing who I am through writing and almost dared me not to follow through with His request. So today I will follow up on yesterday’s blog to share more of the “why” behind my writing.

I was reading some encouragement from Max Lucado in The Lucado Inspirational Reader and stumbled on some words meant just for me and my journey of faith and grace. He says ” … But don’t just portray the past, depict the present. Describe his touch. Display the difference he has made in your life. This task has its challenges too. Whereas painting the ‘before’ can be painful, painting the ‘present’ can be unclear. He’s not finished with you yet.” I am called to share who I am through the past but also through the present story which God is still in the process of unveiling.

My hope for this blog is that it touches at least one other person and teaches me more about grace and the power of God. When I read other blogs, I am impacted by the simple reality of the writer’s life and the parallels to my own journey. God is calling me to put my thoughts out there for others to read. As overwhelming and daunting as this task may seem, God does not call us to glide easily through life without challenges. He wants us to grab hold of His hand and hold on for the ride.

So today Lord I thank you for the task of writing a blog and all it will teach me and others. I ask you to guide my words and infuse them with your own words. I pray that I am able to sustain this blog and make a difference in at least on life and maybe that will be my own. In your name Jesus, I pray! Amen.


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